About the Egg Sandwich Guy

I'm Joe, a human living in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

I turned into the Egg Sandwich Guy after a few moderately disappointing egg sandwiches in New York City. The only logical thing to do was launch a Kickstarter campaign to save what I called the adequate but underachieving New York City egg sandwich.  And now, it's a movement.

At first, the idea was to deliver flyers to every deli and bodega in Midtown Manhattan (my starting point) outlining steps for how to make a good egg sandwich. MANY are already cooking good ones, and some are frying up great ones. The idea later changed, when it became clear that handing out the fliers could result in confusion, and possibly violence. The BETTER idea is to hand out the Egg Sandwich Guy Seal of Approval to all egg sandwich purveyors that do it well. And that's what I'm doing. Complete with an interactive map? You bet!

Also follow EggSandwichGuy on Twitter and Instagram and post photos and details of your favorite egg sandwiches in NYC (or seriously, anywhere!) using #EggSandwichGuy. 

I'm running a completely positive campaign. I'm not here to single out delis, bodegas and other sandwich makers that are serving adequate or worse egg sandwiches, I'm just here to move the conversation forward so everyone can get a better-tasting breakfast.

This project is not the end of the conversation. It's not the end of anything, except for, hopefully, less-than-stellar egg sandwiches.